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ThermalTake is constantly raising the bar when it comes to cooling products whether it is CPU or Case cooling. The Silent Boost K8 Cooler is marketed to be able to deliver high performance cooling at 21 dBA a feat that by most would be considered impossible. We review a selection of handy EverCool computer products to enhance your computer. Upon closer inspection the heatsink is constructed very differently from other heatsinks, each of the fins actually forms a section of the contact point. The fins are compacted together from two bolts that go through the center and hold the entire heatsink together. Keeping pace with it"s far more expensive brethren. Being compared to the fastest Socket board we have yet tested is a testament to the work Albatron has put into this board.

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The T-Balancer from mCubed is exactly that. There are many ways to control the speed of fans on a computer. The most common involves some sort of a fanbus or rheostat with knobs on the front. Turn the knob up and the fan goes faster, down and it goes slower, pretty simple. The T-Balancer is nothing even remotely close to a fanbus. The fact that it can also be used to control fans is just icing on a pretty sweet cake!

The many responses I got never answered the question and the NZXT answer was so stupid it"s funny:"that fan is not for the Phantom it is for the Phantom case". The only plug that either"Y" wire would fit was the 2nd one with the fan (the other was the fan header-power).4/5().

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Aug 04,  · Inside the NZXT Phantom Enthusiast Full Tower Case To look inside the panels have to be removed. The mm fans at the bottom come with the wires tied together to keep them tidy%.

Attachment I just noticed while looking through waterblocks that they are based on the different sockets and not just looks. Will have to look more for one I"d use, but clear plexi or that polished metal look maybe. I also was looking at the stuff on Corsair forums about my case and saw a diagram of someone else"s mod that uses it so I know it"ll fit up top where I plan to put it.

I was thinking ahead, and wondering, the triple fans up there need plugins and this MOBO has a CPU fan hookup and a Optional CPU fan hookup, so with 3 fans could you hook 2 to those and one to one of the optional fan spots for the case fans? Or do you have to use all 3 on the 3 extra optional fan spots? I assume they are both the same prongs and work the same.

Seeing as you would no longer actually have a CPU fan per se They are on the rad. If that doesn"t work, I"d need a lot of"play" in one of the wires to reach all the way to the bottom optional fan spot from the top of the case It must"ve just spiked a bit It went down to about 45 C average or 37 C or so with me just surfing the net and game closed , but it"s still not good to have it that high.

At least in my opinion It only gave me the warning once. What do you folks average"on load" temp-wise?


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NZXT Phantom Fan Connector Help (weird pins i cannot figure out) johnk_47 Jun 15, , AM Hello all, I am trying to connect my phantom pre installed fans but i am extremely confused.

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A quick education on Video card numbering. These cards are labeled with 4 numbers, the first number corresponds to the generation of the card A and a are more or less the same card, but the is a generation older. The will be better than the but not by leaps and bounds. The second number is a rating of its general capabilitys, the higher the better.

Anything less than a 5 is considered to be an"office and home" type of card.

I had the phantom decked out with pretty much max fans and at the highest fan setting, it was a jet engine. Thats life of a mm fan. Aerocool DS fans ar very .

Intel Sandy Bridge Overclocking Guide benchmarkreviews. The Hardcore Minimalist pcper. It certainly appears to havehad a real teething process, but now the BIOS support has caught upand we are seeing a very fast and mature product on the marketplace. The current price makes this one of the more exciting AM3 motherboardout there, especially for the budget enthusiast. Both TX V2 powersupplies delivered clean DC outputs, with good efficiency and verygood voltage regulation.

Both power supplies come with a goodassortment of fixed cables that can support the latest CPUs andmultiple, high-end video cards. We were also highlyimpressed that Thermaltake was daring enough to try and create aconsumer-level case out of the astronomically-priced Level 10 case.

Corsair Hi installed in NZXT Phantom

Inbddad videoHow to Hook up Hydraulics. Hydraulic systems use liquid under pressure to perform work. Designing and building a hydraulic system requires some mechanical knowledge. To accept the wire connection, the loudspeaker enclosure may have binding posts, spring clips, or a panelmount jack.

NZXT is a leading manufacturer of computer cases, cooling, motherboards, RGB lighting and fan control, empowering the PC gaming community with refined hardware solutions since

I dont mean the program crashes more like someone is constantly hitting Alt Tab. It took me 15 minutes just to write this because I had to keep clicking on the text box. I didn"t notice the problem this morning but then my mother had someone work on my pc installing a USB wireless adapter pissed she didn"t just ask me to do it and when i went to use it later in the day i started having the problem. Now it cant be that Alt Tab are stuck since when I run a full screen application i have no problems like a game or something.

It seems to be localized to the desktop. Any ap be it a simple notepad to firefox encounters the problem. I have checked the wires and nothing seems to be loose and I also tried preforming a system restore to a date before I had the problem and that didn"t do it either. It could be a virus but if it is Comodo Antivirus didnt pick up anything through a startup scan so any advice would be appriecated. I have tried MSconfig checking for any new startup programs but no luck in that department.

Please someone out there tell me what the hell is going on. I have exhausted my solutions outside wiping the harddrive and starting over. I know its not a keyboard issue because i have swapped keyboards and the problem still persisted. Logitech cant remenber model.

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More about nzxt phantom case fan wiring needed clutchc Jul 19, , PM When you use the case"s fan controller, you won"t need the motherboard headers.

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The Phantom case fans are pre-connected to the built in fan controller on the case. You do not need to connect them to the motherboard unless you want to use your motherboard for voltage control.

NZXT Phantom ATX Full Tower Case Review by localhost:81

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