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This Creed consists of three tenets: The Assassins carry out their duties through political, strategic assassination, in the hope that killing one individual will lead to the salvation of thousands. They also believe that they fight on the behalf of those who do not possess the abilities, resources, or knowledge to speak out against those who abuse their power. These senses can be deceived in some measure, or otherwise will never convey the precise intrinsic quality of an object. Moderation is therefore an inherent principle of the Assassins, who shun extremism as destructive to society. To treat one belief as absolute is to not only submit oneself to the irrationality of blind faith, but also to cloud oneself from the perspectives of inevitable dissenters. Because the quantity of variables is infinite, it follows that theoretically, anything within nature is possible, for as long as there is no absolute answer to any query, no impossibility can be ascertained. Therefore, one must remain vigilantly open-minded to the unexpected and unknown, drawing to a conclusion while being ever mindful of that conclusion"s plausibility of error. Beyond being a further vessel for pluralism, Assassins are taught to be watchful of pretensions and their own capability to achieve either great dreams or great destruction.

Prisoners of War of the Japanese

However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that. More new posts will be added below this one. The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo. See the list at the bottom of this post for links to the previous installments.

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Character background[ edit ] In the episode" Red Badge", it is revealed, whilst talking with her psychiatrist, that Lisbon"s mother was killed by a drunk driver when she was twelve, and later in the same episode it is mentioned that Lisbon was formerly an inspector detective for the San Francisco Police Department SFPD , and at the time worked for then-SFPD Lieutenant Sam Bosco. She also accidentally admits that after her mother"s death, her father was sometimes abusive towards her and her three younger brothers, and that he would suffer blackouts from his alcoholism.

Her father eventually committed suicide. In the episode" Red Tide", [1] it was implied that the young Teresa had to take over the maternal role and care for the family after her mother"s death. In the episode" Code Red", it is revealed one of Lisbon"s brothers is named Tommy, and in the episode" Red Hot", it is revealed that another brother is named James.

In the same episode, her mother is said to have been a nurse and her father a fireman.

Jeeves and Wooster (Literature)

Origins[ edit ] In , the UK Ministry of Defence issued a requirement for an anti-submarine warfare ASW helicopter to replace the Royal Navy"s Westland Sea Kings , which were becoming inadequate in the face of advances in Soviet submarine technology. Westland Helicopters put together a proposal, designated WG.

The first prototype flew on 9 October The EH"s third engine and increased range compared favorably with rival aircraft, such as the Sikorsky Seahawk. The range and de-icing capability were also seen as vital for North Atlantic operations. Flight tests were suspended for six months following the crash of the second pre-production aircraft on 21 January

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She was one of Metro"s real biggies, but a more tragic person you can"t imagine. The university"s satirical magazine offered up film awards from to with brief reappearances in"90,"92, and" Joan was"honored" on several occasions: Hollywood Canteen nominated for one of Ten Worst Pictures of the year. Joan winner of"Oldest Actress of the Year. Joan winner of"Actress with the Most Toes in the Grave. Torch Song nominated for one of Ten Worst Pictures. Some of his best-known films: He was awarded an honorary Oscar in Although Head never dressed Joan in a movie well, except for the ringmistress outfit in"s Berserk , the two did have some professional, and apparently attempted non-professional, contact although the latter seems a bit, oh, invented!

Crawford next came to Paramount in , for a film to be titled"Lisbon.


This Panther edition was just published in More, he provides considerable testimony to support his claims. Book Two of this work is dedicated to People, everywhere and in every world. No acknowledgment would be complete without a most grateful thought cast in the direction of the shade of the late Charles Fort, whose researches have literally saved me years of labour. And without the editing and helpful encouragement of C.

The Tibetan and A.

Bertie Wooster and his valet Jeeves are fictional characters, created by British author P. G. have appeared in many comedic short stories .

I don"t know how, but you did it, and so fast! I"ve seen the scene with the staircase, and instantly remembered everything. I will watch the whole series. My eyes are full of tears, I can"t thank you enough! I saw a movie about a wall street, very financially fit older gentleman, looks between 50 - 60 yrs. He sells everything he owns, moves into a small apartment in blue collar area.

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France epitomizes this trope, with his character being mainly defined by his constant flirting with , undressing of , and feeling up the other nations. Just how successful he is at actually getting farther than stripping them is up to debate though, seeing that most of the other nations show far more interest in keeping their distance from him than anything else. Greece might somewhat fit this trope, being said to be the most sexually active country around surpassing even France , but his promiscuity isn"t his main defining character trait unlike with France, so he comes across as more of a sleepy , laidback , somewhat spacey cat lover who just happens to be really good at getting laid.

In fact, pretty much any and every nation can fall into this trope in fanworks that equate all forms of international relations with the sexual kind. B Gata H Kei: Yamada wants to become this, intending to get sex friends in high school.

As a follow-up to Tuesday’s post about the majority-minority public schools in Oslo, the following brief account reports the latest statistics on the cultural enrichment of schools in Austria. Vienna is the most fully enriched location, and seems to be in roughly the same situation as Oslo. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from

It is a minor, but popular, element of the show. Even though it is highly doubtful that Jane will commit to another relationship until he makes peace with his unwitting part in his wife"s terrible death, his flirtatious ways and fond feelings toward Lisbon are undeniable. The extent of Jane"s affection toward Lisbon was revealed Red John"s Footsteps at the end of the first season: Only minutes after emphatically stating that he would not mind getting killed if it meant catching Red John, Jane shot and killed the only person who could lead him to Red John in order to save Lisbon"s life.

In the season 4 finale , Jane"s feelings for Lisbon are more obvious than ever. Before he shoots her, he hugs her and tells her that he loves her. Later it is revealed that they only faked her death.

Abstergo Industries

History[ edit ] — They recorded one album, which was shelved by Epic Records , and played a handful of live shows. Simmons and Stanley, feeling a new musical direction was needed, abandoned Wicked Lester in and began forming a new group.

7 tips to help you travel safely with your dog or cat this holiday season. Here are some recommendations to consider before you carry your pet onto a plane, train or automobile.

All sessions linked below are to detailed entries for recorded media. Play dates without source info are from the gigs lists at maryhalvorson. I would appreciate notice of any club dates, concert dates, festival dates, etcetera, that are not listed here. Please include reference information i. Anecdotes, ticket stubs, posters, photographs, and memoirs are also welcome. Sleep Cells Utech Records Fragments Hopscotch Records On and Off Skirl Records

Jane and Lisbon"s first meeting 5x05 -"Mr Jane...I"m agent Teresa Lisbon."

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